Paver Driveways

It's not surprising why paver driveways get so much attention. They have to work hard since they bear constant pressure from heavy vehicles. Plus, they have to be extra stunning since they are large enough to affect the overall aesthetics of a residential or commercial property. So when building a new driveway or when replacing an old one, always take into consideration the important qualities that it should possess—strength and beauty. That's exactly how Apex Landscape and Brick Services define our kind of paver driveway construction.

Beautiful Paver Driveways

They always say that beauty is subjective. That is why we don't enforce any design for the driveways. We first talk with our clients to determine their definition of a beautiful driveway. Some clients in Canton, Livonia, and Detroit prefer the solid look of concrete while some like the driveway pavers better. Other clients in Dearborn, Farmington, and Ann Arbor wanted straight, no-nonsense driveways while some prefer an elaborative design that compliments the entire landscape.

We are not sure about your exact definition of a beautiful driveway but we are sure that our team can put your dream driveway on a blueprint. We'll design it and after approval, will start the construction. Our company has all your needed professionals and we got all the needed materials, tools, and equipment to bring this beautiful driveway design to life.

Strong Driveways

Practicality is always on top of our mind when constructing driveways. More than beauty, we understand that a driveway has to be durable. After all, it is the track that will be taken by every vehicle that visits and stays in the area. It has to be strong enough to handle the heavy pressure. This is the reason why we recommend durable materials only like concrete, bricks, and driveway pavers.

Driveways made out of a concrete slab is easy to construct, thus also cheaper. But the bare concrete is a bore. We can make it a decorative concrete by colorizing and embossing patterns. This driveway can mimic the look of a brick or paver driveway. However, this is still a slab of concrete which will crack sooner or later.

We highly recommend using concrete pavers, bricks, and other driveway pavers. They build the strongest, most dependable driveways. Concrete slab cracks because a little expansion or contraction of the soil disturbs it. Paver driveway is different because the entire area is built using hundreds of separate pieces. Every paver piece has a space, which allows movement without disturbing the solidity of the driveway. No wonder why driveways made out of pavers have the longest warranty.

The clay-made brick is the most common style of driveway pavers and also one of the earliest existing paver types. Concrete pavers are made out of concrete making them possible to be molded to any shape and tinted with any color.

At Apex Landscape and Brick Services, we use only the best pavers from the best manufacturer. The option is so diverse that it's possible to build a strong driveway without compromising beauty. We understand that as a home or commercial area owner, you are not well-versed regarding the driveway installation. Don't worry. We will be with you all the way—from designing to the finishing touches. Please feel free to contact us. One of the most beautiful yet strong driveways in Michigan will soon be built in your space.

Brick Driveways

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Brick Driveways
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Brick Driveways
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Brick Driveways
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Brick Driveways
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