Our Creations

Improving the outdoors increases a property's market value. And landscaping is a way to do it. Just take a look at our creations. But besides the monetary improvement is the genuine happiness that our landscaping projects have brought our clients.

Finally, there's an outdoor kitchen or a bigger and safer swimming pool for a regular weekend family gathering. You finally feel comfortable inviting friends over because of the newly renovated landscape. Peace and comfort is finally just a few steps away with a pond and more flower beds outdoors. Apex Landscape and Brick Services offer more than just landscaping designs, installation, and maintenance for the last 24 years. We have been transforming houses into homes.

What Can We Create?

We call our landscaping projects "our creations" because we consider them works of art. Landscaping designs are just like paintings of a dream. But unlike paintings, our designs can come to life with our landscaping projects.

"Landscaping" is such a broad term, though. That is why on the side of our website are our specific services. These are the small pieces of our creations.

Walks are installed to provide direction plus an added welcoming appeal for the area. Have patios for that classic yet truly inviting place of relaxation. Driveways are always necessary to keep every drive easy and smooth. Outdoor kitchens can create good memories with friends and family. Water features will add the sound of nature at home. Retaining walls will not just hold back soil but will add more living spaces outdoors.

Our creations are not limited on the above mentioned, though. The team's main goal is to exceed your expectations by providing professional landscaping services with integrity and quality. That's why we don't settle on any substandard materials. We always recommend using pavers, bricks, and concrete for our landscaping projects. On top of these, we have the complete tools, devices, and professionals to finish every aspect of landscaping designs.

The Process of Creating Our Creations

For decades, we follow a simple step-by-step procedure before starting with our creations. After contacting us, we will meet you in a place and time that you are most convenient. We'll talk about your dreams for the landscape and the possibilities. Our creative members will draw up the landscaping designs so you can easily picture the beautiful changes. Along with this is the reasonable estimated cost and duration of the project.

If chosen, we will start with the project on the date agreed upon. Our team has never failed our Michigan clients with our promptness because we make sure to complete it at the agreed date.

Inconveniences may be experienced during the project's completion. But once it is done, we also make sure that it is done for real by cleaning up the mess. We leave nothing but your improved outdoors, ready to provide entertainment.

Don't just take our words for it, though. Please see the About Us page where you will read the comments from some of our satisfied clients in Detroit, Livonia, Redford, and Southfield. We will be honored to include your outdoors into Our Creations page. Give us the privilege to do landscaping services for you and we guarantee your complete satisfaction.

This project needed a complete renovation everything was overgrown, so we removed everything, and started over. First installed new brick walk and wall stone in front, with brick edge instead of plastic landscape edging. Then a nice serviceberry 10 ft with boxwood hedge and evergreen azaleas in the background for nice spring color in may. Then regarded the front yard and installed new sod and irrigation system.

Drawings with Before and Afters

Drawings with Before and Afters


Drawings with Before and AftersDrawings with Before and Afters


Drawings with Before and AftersDrawings with Before and Afters

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